How to Factory Reset Your Nexus Device

There are 2 ways that you can follow to reset your Nexus device to factory settings. (1) The easiest method is from the main android settings and (2) Is when you use the recovery mode to reset your phone. You will have to use option 2 if you can’t start the phone or access the settings.

When you do a factory reset, it wipes everything from your phone or tablet and you will get a fresh new device. Your photos, google account, contacts, call log and everything else will be wiped. You will have to setup the phone again like it’s brand new. So, back up your photos, make sure you know your google account and password so that you can bring back your apps (including app data) and contacts.

Method 1: From Android Settings

  • Open up Android Settings.
  • Navigate to Personal > Backup & reset.
  • Tap on Factory data reset and choose the appropriate option.
  • Confirm your action.

Method 2: From the Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is an advanced feature available in Android devices. It is separate from the OS and the touchscreen doesn’t work. You will get a black screen with access to some important commands. It is from here that you can do a factory reset. Use this option if you cannot start your phone.
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  • Turn off your device.
  • Press the physical “volume down” button + “power” button. The phone will start into bootloader.
  • Cycle through the options using the volume buttons and bring up the one that says Recovery mode.
  • Press power button to enter.
  • Press the power button and while holding it, press volume up button.
  • You will reach Android recovery. From there navigate to and choose the Wipe data/factory reset
  • Confirm your action and after a while, your phone will reset to its original factory settings.

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