How to Find Facebook Profile Using jpg Facebook Picture URLs

Every now and then, you come across a Facebook picture link. Your friends and other people share it. If those picture URLs end in .jpg, then anyone in the world can view it.

Facebook privacy is not in effect in this case. But we cannot directly view the profile or page to which the picture belongs to.

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For example:

Opening the above picture link in your browser will display a picture hosted in Facebook. If you are curious to find the source of such pictures, then there is a way. You just have to get some numbers from the entire picture URL, form a new link with those numbers and open it in your browser.

For the picture link:

Pay attention to the last part of the link:

The numbers above are separated by underscores (_). You will need to extract the number in the middle. In our example it would be:

The number in the middle is: 600945556651291

Now go to your browser and type:

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

You will be redirected to the main picture page in Facebook. This page will contain comments, links to the profile and other details. You will be able to access the link above as long as the privacy of the picture is set to public. Using this method, you can easily figure out where your friends got the Facebook pictures that they are sharing to you.

Also note that this method highlights the important of privacy settings in Facebook. If you are sharing a picture publicly, then anyone in the world can get that picture. They might also share that picture to other people. Your entire profile can be tracked down with the help of a simple picture URL. So, be careful while sharing online.

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