How to Enable or Disable “OK Google” Hotword Detection

“OK Google” is the hotword that you can say to your phone to access Google Search app by voice command. This feature is available from Android 4.1 onwards. Try saying this command to your phone while it is in the home screen. If your Google search app activates then you have this amazing featured turned on. If nothing happens, then you might want to turn this feature on.

This is a handy feature available in Android phones with at least version 4.1 of the OS. You can use different voice commands to call people, text people, add a reminder, search the web, get direction etc. If you are interested in turning this feature on or off, then it is accessible from App Drawer > Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > “Ok Google” hotword detection.

Here’s how you turn on or off “Ok Google” hotword detection in detailed steps:

  1. From your app drawer, access an app called “Google Settings”. Remember that this is not your main phone settings.
  2. From Google Setttings, tap on “Search & Now”.
  3. In the next screen, under “SEARCH & NOW CARDS”, tap on “Voice”.
  4. Then, tap on “OK Google” hotword detection.
  5. In the final screen, you can turn this feature On or Off by tapping on the On/Off slider.

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