How to Save Profile Pictures of Contacts in Viber

If you use Viber for communication, then you might have notice that you along with your contacts can set a picture for your display. It will be shown in Viber chats and while making calls as well. On your end, those photos can be uploaded from your phone’s gallery or a new picture can also be taken and you can also import it directly from Facebook. Your contacts also set their profile picture using these different methods.

If you are looking to save the contact profile pictures of Viber, then you can take the screenshots of their profile screen and crop out the remaining part. But that is counterproductive. What would be better is to access those photos of your contacts which are stored in your device. Yes, Viber uses your local storage to save those pictures and they seem to be permanently stored. To access the locally stored profile photos of contacts by Viber:

  • Use a File Manager to browse your local storage.
  • Navigate to /viber/media/User photos.

User Photos in Viber

You will find all the user photos in the folder. They are all of 720px X 720px square sizes. They will have complicated and totally randomized file names. It is simpler to identify them using the thumbnails. Note that these photos are separate from the photos and media that you share while chatting. Those are directly stored in your gallery. While browsing the folders, as shown above, you might have noticed the folders for them as Viber Images and Viber Videos.

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