Find How Many times You Check Your Phone Daily

In this digital age of smartphones and tablets, Android and iPhone, we all have a smart device—possibly in our pockets all the time. We’re staring down at it from time to time. We check our notifications, messages and apps all the time. People unlock their phones and check their screen for what’s new and what’s happening. It might take a lot of your daily time and the habit needs to be put in check.

The first thing that you can do to put your phone addiction in check is to keep tabs on it. You need to find out how many times you check your phone. And ironically, there’s an app for that. It’s called Checky. It’s available for free at the Play Store and the iTunes store. So, it is there for Android as well as Apple users.

What does Checky do?

Well, just like it’s description, it tracks your phone habits. That means, it counts every time you unlock your phone and stare at the screen. Actually, it just counts the unlocks but that’s when we get down to business, staring at our phone and wasting away our productive time in finding what others are up to (Thanks Social Media!).

There’s also a feature in the app to notify you everyday at 12pm. The notification will show you how many times you checked your phone yesterday. You can share this stat on social network as well. The app also generates a nice chart with the statistics of all the unlocks for the past week.

I know the app is a simple one with just one feature attached with it. But it is useful if you are trying to get your phone habits down. If you want to see a sample of how it looks like then here’s a screenshot from my phone.

Checky App Screenshot

You can see that I have unlocked and checked my phone 165 times today. The chart in the bottom displays the history and it’s not looking so bright for me. I check my phone more than 100 times a day and I am sure that it’s not good. Let me see if I can keep my phone habits in check.

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