Awesome 7 Paid Apps for Rooted Android Phones

When your root your phone to install apps that require root access, you get a lot of free apps that are enough to do things that normal apps cannot do. But it should be understood that there are paid apps as well which provide functionality way beyond free apps. Some people might want to try out those paid apps for rooted android devices to further enhance the capability of their handheld device.

So, after scouring the Play Store and several other sources for best paid root apps with useful functionality, the following list has been generated. These can be considered as a useful list of paid root apps.

Here is a list of awesome 7 paid apps for rooted android phones and devices:

1. Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium backup is one of the best apps for rooted phones. With several options in backing up the phone, apps and app data; this app comes in first. While the free version provides a good list of features, the paid version brings in even more useful features. Priced at $6.19, Titanium Back Pro has additional features such as backing up multiple copies of apps, backing up apps while they are running, syncing to Dropbox and other cloud services.

One of the interesting feature of this pro version is the ability to migrate system data across different ROMs. If you are able to use this feature, you can flash different ROMs and easily import your system data. The feature list provided by Titanium Backup Pro is long and is presented at the app listing page.

2. Sixaxis Controller

Sixaxis Controller

One of the fun use of Android devices is to play games on them. While playing games with touch screens is fun, some people might want to use handheld game controllers to play games. This is made possible by Sixaxis Controller. This app is priced at $2.33 and this app allows you to use your Dualshock 3 controller with your phone or tablet. That means your PS3 or XBOX 360 controllers can be used to play games in Android devices.

It is to be noted that this app does not support every device out there. However, the list of supported devices is long. There is a free app called Sixaxis Compatibility Checker which determines whether your Android device is supported or not. You will need to configure this app at the first run with a OTG cable and then you can use your Dualshock 3 controller to wirelessly connect your phone to play different games.

3. Screencast Video Recorder

Screencast Video Recorder

If you are looking to take video screenshots of your rooted Android device then this is the perfect app for you. Priced at $3.99, this video recording app is capable of recording high quality videos of your phone. The frames per second of the video can be set really high which delivers smooth and clear videos. Audio is recorded alongside the video. The video is saved as MPEG 4 video.

So, record videos of your phone and play them or share them easily with this app.

4. Root Explorer

Root Explorer

There are a lot of Android file managers out there and they are quite useful. But one of the most useful one is Root Explorer. This is a file manager priced at $3.88 which makes use of the root user privileges to its fullest. The whole android file system access is provided with this file explorer. The exclusive root folders and data folders can be viewed with this file manager.

This one also supports cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. You can do a lot more than just browsing for files. You can extract compressed files and you can also view SQLite databases of your phone. The list of services and the support provided is of high quality. This is therefore a paid app that is highly recommended.

5. Root Call Blocker Pro

Root Call Blocker Pro

Need to block calls and text messages? Then this is a perfect little app for your rooted phone. This app costs $6.99. Once you get this app installed and running, you will be able to block text messages and calls from unwanted senders easily. You can also block MMS messages. You can highly configure this app to block numbers according to the preferences that you set.

For example you can block MMS/SMS which comes with certain keywords. You can block numbers such as private or hidden numbers. You can block a certain area code, city code or country code. The calls which you block are simply ignored and you will never be annoyed by those unwanted calls.

6. ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox Pro

With a variety of tools available that can be said as a combination of many root apps, this app is one of the best paid root app. This app costs $4.99 and the monster list of features that this app has justifies the cost. This app has many functions such as ROM management, which allows you to install ROMs within the app. You can create backups before doing that with this app only.

There are other features like backing up apps, phone, text messages and app data. You can set dates and times to run those backups automatically. Other interesting features include Dropbox backups, accessing android files system via root explorer, font installer, boot animation installer, theme manager, statusbar icon changer, cpu speed manager and so on. The list is long and instead of downloading many apps for their own individual purposes this single app fulfills many purposes.

7. SetCPU for Root Users

SetCPU for Root Users

Want to save battery and improve performance of your phone? Then this paid root app priced at $1.99 does the job. What you will be able to do with this app is set the CPU speed according to your needs. That means you can overclock or underclock your phone’s processor according to your wishes and requirements. For example: You can underclock when you are not using resource intensive apps or games.

What is special about this CPU speed modifying app is that you can set up powerful and automatic CPU profiles. You can set conditions in those profiles to change the speed of the CPU according to the requirements. The conditions can be the apps that are running, your current phone temperature, time of the day and many more. This is a highly customizable app with a long list of useful features.

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