About The Website


ThisFox.com is first and foremost a technology website. Just like the tagline of this website, technology topics covered in this website are mainly: Android, Blogging, Internet and Webmastering. This website is the result of several attempts of blogging over the years of being a webmaster and a tech enthusiast. Before this website, different blogs were started and they were eventually stopped because of my lack of interest.

Finally in 2013, a decision was made on blogging regularly. With that in mind, this blog was started. It was started with a spare domain that was not in use. The idea behind using a spare domain was that no financial loss would be there, if I stopped blogging again. But since my blogging became regular, a decision was made to rebrand the website and use another domain name. After days of thinking and searching, ThisFox.com name was chosen.

The blog first started off as an Android blog with news, app reviews, app suggestions and some tips on webmastering. Then, topics were expanded as new posts were made on those topics. Finally, I decided that the final top level categories would be Android, Blogging, Tech and Internet and Webmastering. There are some required sub-categories for Android, which are Apps for app reviews and suggestions, Games for game reviews and suggestions, How To's for instructions to do something in Android and News for sharing interesting latest news from the world of Android. The category Blogging, also has the obvious two categories: WordPress and Blogger.

This blog marks the shift of my online work from gaming websites to something much more than games. I have been buiding websites for a long time now. Content building was also one of the things that I did. The games websites that I worked on got too old and outdated. With new consoles and handheld gaming market, thanks to the rise of the smartphone industry, I thought that this shift in my online work was necessary. With that in mind, most of my time is dedicated towards this blog. Previous games and entertainment websites are still there, but they are no longer the primary focus.

ThisFox.com promises you to deliver some up to date information on technology and internet. Articles will be shared, which will hopefully be on the topics that are of interest of the visitors of this website. I am totally new to writing articles that are long and detailed. There might be mistakes. I am getting used to it. I would be really glad if the visitors of this websites were to point out those to me. I plan to improve my writing and my grammar as I post more and more, over the months and years. I hope the visitors of this website will greatly contribute to the improvement of articles and overall activity of this website.

I am always putting my eyes and ears out for the comments that this blog receives. So please don't hesitate to write a few words in those comment boxes or contact me directly to the email: info@thisfox.com.

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