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Getting Facebook ID

About This Tool

Use this tool to simply get you Facebook numeric ID. Just input your Facebook url like or just your username like Mark. Then hit the Get Facebook ID button and this tool will instantly figure out your Facebook numeric ID like 167784080039168.

Facebook ID is a unique numeric identification set when you join this social network. You cannot select this number on your own and the assignment happens automatically. Before Facebook vanity URLs like, IDs were the main identification for profile URLs. Profile links before looked something like Now it has been replaced.

But till now Facebook IDs are used specially by web developers. They come in handy while using Facebook plugins such as Facebook Like, Share, Comments etc. Your Facebook ID comes in handy specially while using Facebook commenting feature on websites. You will be able to set comment moderators by figuring out their unique profile ID. Facebook ID is also required by some applications to link your profile to the app.

This tool works perfectly for both Facebook profiles as well as pages. But this tool comes in use mostly for profiles. Get your numeric profile id instantly with the help of your username or profile URL.

Fun Fact: You can also access a Facebook profile by their numeric id. For example