Is it Possible to Repel Mosquitoes Using Mobile Phone Apps?

One of the unbelievable things that phones can supposedly do is work as a mosquito repellant. Now this is something that I don’t believe. I have seen mosquito repellent apps since the days of Nokia. I remember that I even tried one of those apps in my old Nokia phone. It did not work at that time. Today, I discovered a lot of apps for repelling mosquitoes using Android devices. I can guarantee that there are those for other platforms like iOS devices and Windows Mobiles.

It does sound interesting when you can stop using those toxic mosquito repellents. Some people are allergic to them while others notice headaches while using mosquito repellents. So, why not instead use your phone?

How These Apps Work?

There seems to be certain sound frequencies that are hated by mosquitoes. They are hated by these most annoying insects because:

  • Mosquitoes find these high sound frequencies so annoying that they can’t stand it.
  • Some sound frequencies alert mosquitoes that their predators like dragonflies are nearby.
  • Some sound frequencies fake the presence of male mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes who are the once that actually bite us will fly away as they have already mated. Now they just need to suck our blood to keep themselves fed.

Whatever the promising reasons, sound frequencies are supposed to work as a miracle for us. Mosquitoes flee because of one of the reasons above and we are left alone from their irritating bites and sleepless nights.

Do Such Frequencies Make Them Flee?

Mosquito Repellent
High pitch sound frequencies, not audible to people but irritating to mosquitoes does sound really promising. But the question remains on the effectiveness of such sound frequencies. Scientific studies question effectiveness of this technique all the time. There is no solid scientific proof showing that it works. So, there is no confirmation on whether such ultrasonic sounds actually work for our benefit.

So Are The Apps Effective?

The effectiveness of apps are also questionable because they use this same sound frequency technique. Moreover, effectiveness of phones to produce such high frequency sounds are also questionable. Only special hardware can be used to produce powerful sounds well over human audible frequency. Another thing is that there are different species of mosquitoes and all of them don’t dislike the same sound frequency.

Comments on the apps are divided. Some say that nothing happens when they turn on apps to repel mosquitoes. Surprisingly, there are people who claim via comments that they got rid of mosquitoes by using such apps.

A Mosquito Repellent App to Try

Anti Mosquito AppRecognizing the willingness and demand of people to try and scare away mosquitoes using their phone, there are many of those apps in the Play Store for Android devices. iTunes Store and Windows Phone Apps+Games Store also have those apps. These apps tell you that they produce the required sound frequency that we can’t hear but mosquitoes can. While this is questionable it does not hurt to try.

I’ve picked out the most popular Mosquito Repellent app. The apps is titled “Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller” by the developer: Pico Brothers. There are many more in the store, but why not try the most popular one? This app has features of producing 14K, 16K and 20K pitch of sound. Try it.

Does This or Any Other App Work?

Answer this question in the comment section yourself.

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