PaperBoy: Your Digital Reading Source

Android devices, Phones and Tablets included, are great for reading different things. They act like our own digital book or newspaper. While tablets provide a larger screen for all your readings, phones are equally useful because of their small size and the ease of carrying them. We have them in our pockets all the time and we can just pull them out any time to read things that we want. It is especially useful when we are traveling or when we have to wait.
For such reading purposes, there are different apps with different reading materials in them. There are news readers and RSS readers that are quite helpful in picking out what you want to read. One of such apps in the Play Store is called PaperBoy.

Essentially, paperboy is an app where you read articles from different sources. Sources can be customized and selected as per your wish. The app itself comes with 25 million feeds to choose from. Now that is a lot of feeds but when you install the app. You can login using your feedly account or create a new account by signing up with Google. If you log in with your previous feedly account then you will be presented with your previous feeds. This makes this app a new way to browse your feeds stored in feedly.

PaperBoyThe news stories are presented in a visually appealing format. The font is clean and scrolling through the article is different, innovative and simply useful. Articles are displayed with pictures and thumbnails to make them look more interesting.

Other features include searching through stories. If you are interested in looking up a certain keyword, then this app can easily perform a full text search. The best results with matching keywords are presented to you. You can easily filter out the news that you want with this feature.

There are also more useful features like going through the most popular articles, saving interesting articles for later so that you won’t lose them and sorting/grouping articles according to your preferences.

Use this app if you have used feedly, still use feedly and want a new layout for your feedly news. You will simply love it.

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