Make Wikipedia Available Offline with this App

A new Android app has surfaced the Play Store and has recently caught the attention of many people for its ability to download Wikipedia into a users mobile for offline access.

The app is called Kiwix.

This app does not require any permissions as of now. This app enables you to download the whole Wikipedia content to your phone. That means you do not have to go online to browse through Wikipedia entries. You can just load up the app, allow it to download Wikipedia to your phone when you have a good Wifi connection. Then, you can freely use Wikipedia without connecting to the internet.

The download size is rather large. Wikipedia has millions of articles and downloading all of them could take a large amount of time and space. So after you begin your download make sure to be prepared to wait a long period of time before Wikipedia is actually made offline. It is also possible to download Wikipedia without the images saving your device a considerable amount of disk space.

The usage of this can be questioned as, “Who would require an offline Wikipedia?” The answer to this can be those people who hardly have any internet access can get devices which already has a downloaded Wikipedia on it. The downloads can be done by more fortunate people who have blazing fast internet connection. Those people can be from third world countries can then use Wikipedia and access its wealth of knowledge right in their hands.

Kiwix is an app with a lot of potential. Kiwix also supports other projects from the Wikimedia Foundation and can make them available offline as well. It is to be noted that Kiwix is not just available for Android handset. It was recently made available for Android devices. This software is available for other platforms such as Linux, Windows and Mac.

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