Twilight: An App for Your Eyes

Twilight for AndroidTwilight is a really interesting and useful app which I found today at the Play Store. Remember how bright your phones screen can sometimes be? Like when you wake up at the middle of the night to pick up the phone and you are irritated by the bright display of your phone.

Twilight is the perfect app for you to solve the problem of having to face a bright phone screen when you do not want to. Even though you set your brightness to auto in your phone it is still really bright sometimes. Twilight will fix this problem.

This app works according to the time of the day. You can specify your location automatically or you could set it up by your self. Then this app works on its own. It figures out the time of the day and the location of the sun on it own. Then according to the position of the sun, the color temperature and intensity of your phone is set. That means your phones display color is just right for your eyes according to the time of the day.

Time Locator
This app runs quietly in the background and there is even an option to hide the status icon. Try out the various settings and there is even a pro version for you to unlock all the professional and advanced features.

Try out Twilight and see how great it is for your eyes.

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